Jan 18, 2017

New York Cinema Radio #226 Interview with Indie film legend William Grefe (Death Curse of Tartu)

From working with a dozen live rattlesnakes on the film Stanley, directing William Shatner in Impulse, making a film with no script (Psychedelic Priest) or even shooting a feature film in seven days (Death Curse of Tartu), Indie film legend William Grefe has had one of the most Interesting film careers we’ve ever heard of. He sat down with Tom Seymour to talk about it all. William also ran the Ivan Tors' Studio in Miami that produced such classics at Flipper and Gentle Ben but his real passion was exploitation films and he has director over a dozen throughout the years.


"March of the Spoons" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Jan 12, 2017

New York Cinema Radio #225: The Canal film, Tom goes to Miami and Classic Aransky!

Tom Seymour talks about the new horror film on Netflix entitled The Canal. He also chats about his upcoming speaking engagement at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival and also his friends new upcoming webseries Classic Aransky! Dave Leute, James Richardson to return next week! Subscribe to Classic Aransky Now!! more show to come!

Dec 22, 2016

New York Cine Radio #224: Green Inferno, Rogue One ,West World, Blade Runner

The gang chats about Green Inferno, Rogue One, West World and Blade Runner. With hosts Ken Powell, Dave Leute, James Richardson and Tom Seymour.

Dec 13, 2016

Back by popular demand our Neil Breen Interview.

By far of the most popular of our Interviews was our chat with Indie filmmaker Neil Breen. Between the YouTube and podcast versions of this interview nearly 15,000 people listened to what Neil had to say. Neil best known for cult films like Passing through, I Am Here....Now and Double down and other entertaining films. This Interview also included Mr. Ken Powell. With hosts Dave Leute, James Richardson and Tom Seymour. Check out the trailer to his new film Passing Thru!

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Dec 1, 2016

New York Cine Radio #223:Vikings, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Man called Ove and other Scandinavian stuff!

It's Scandinavian night at New York Cine Radio! The gang checks out Vikings, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and A Man called Ove! With hosts Dave Leute, James Richardson and Tom Seymour.



Nov 29, 2016

New York Cine: Check out our doc VHS Massacre on Amazon Prime now for free!

Watch VHS Massacre for free on Amazon Prime! We'll be back Thursday with a full show! VHS Massacre is New York Cine Radio's first feature length doc referred to as a "Fantastic Documentary" by Ain't it Cool News. It cost 600 dollars to make and got on to Amazon Prime! If we can do it, you can do it! support Indie film! 




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Nov 27, 2016

The Room Full of Spoons documentary is finished! We look back at our interview with Robyn Paris and Juliette Danielle!

The amazing Documentary Room full of Spoons is finished! Check out the website to see upcoming screenings! To celebrate the gang looked back on an interview we conducted witht he hilarious Robyn Paris and Juliette Danielle!




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Nov 17, 2016

New York Cine Radio #222: The gang chats about the election, Man versus Snake and Dr. Strange

 The gang chats about the election, Man versus Snake and Dr. Strange. With hosts Dave Leute, James Richardson and Tom Seymour.


Nov 5, 2016

New York Cine Radio #221: Zardoz, Inferno and Westworld

Tom sits down with actor/producer Chris Ferry to talk about the bizarre 1974 science fiction film Zardoz, featuring Sean Connery in a futuristic diaper-speedo. Also we talk about a film of equal quality Inferno then the great new HBO seres Westworld.

Oct 27, 2016

New York Cine Radio #220: I’ll find you Maggie!

 The gang talks about the nature of the universe and Walking Dead. With hosts Dave Leute, James Richardson and Tom Seymour.

Oct 21, 2016

New York Cine Radio: A Live VHS Massacre tape hunt in Virginia on October 27th!

Tom has a few updates for now. We shall be back next week with a full show but check out the Youtube link below to hear Tom's recent Interview by Hobbit from the Geeks Under the Influence Podcast! Watch here! They are putting on a live VHS Massacre tape hunt in at Wonderland in Richmond Virginia on Oct. 27th! Details here! Also enjoy the sweet sounds of Kevin MacLeod's Secret of Tiki Island at the end of the podcast!


Oct 15, 2016

Tribbles & Trilobites - Episode 0224 - Marvel’s Luke Cage with Jeff Carroll, Naseed Gifted, Michael Forsyth, and Cathleen Dean

Welcome to Tribbles & Trilobites Episode 224, we made it to the second season, A big Thank You!

This episode we will be discussing the Marvel Series Luke Cage.  

A Netflix Webseries by Cheo Hodari Coker, is based on the Marvel Comics character and set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  This series is sharing continuity with other films of the franchise and is expected to lead up to a Defenders crossover miniseries. 
Mike Colter stars as Carl Lucas / Luke Cage, a framed convict with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin who now fights crime. It is currently streaming on NetFlix, where you can watch the entire season in one day. 
We will be discussing the Marvel Series Luke Cage.  

Our guests today are; 

Jeff Carroll, who is a science fiction writer, filmmaker, and writer famous for Gold Digger Killer and his 5th work the Harlem Shake. 

Naseed Gifted, who is a creator, writer of PB Soldier Sci Fi comicbook series, and the creative diorector of PBS Media an animation studio.  Mr. Gifted is a an educator overseeing a High School pre engineering program.

Catheen Dean, who is a historian, filmmaker, and producer for the Miami Ft lauderdale 48 Filmmaker project, and educator.

Michael Forsyth, is a filmmaker and author who was once a writer for the the infamous and outrageous tabloid Weekly World News,  as well as an associate editor for the National Enquirer. 

Oct 13, 2016

New York Cine Radio #219: Lost Soul, The Island of Doctor Moreau, Luke Cage and Rogue One!

 The gang gets the full perspective of the 1996 film The Island of Doctor Moreau by watching the documentary Lost Soul and listening to the recent WTF Ron Perlman Interview. Also Luke Cage, Detectorists, Rogue One and Tom talks about working with IGN and New York Comic Con With hosts Dave Leute, James Richardson and Tom Seymour.


Oct 9, 2016

Tribbles and Trilobites - Episode 0023 - 4th Quarter, Upcoming 2016 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films


Tribbles and Trilobites - Episode 0023 - 4th Quarter, Upcoming 2016 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films

Welcome to Episode 0023. What is to come, many Sci-Fi and Fantasy films are in the works.  A huge lot awaits us.  This episode Andrew R. Metzger, Leslie E Owen, and Troy Bernier highlight some of these gems and films not to miss.  


Oct 1, 2016

Tribbles and Trilobites - Episode 0022 - Re-broadcast - Russell Bates, David Gerrold, Jose Cepeda, Brian Holloway, Fan Films, Star Trek and Beyond


Announcements, upcoming shows Re-broadcast - Russell Bates, David Gerrold, Jose Cepeda, Brian Holloway, Fan Films, Star Trek and Beyond

Welcome to Episode 0022 a re-broadcast episode featuring Emmy-winning recipient, Mr. Russell Bates who is known for Star Trek the Animated Series episode, "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth", where the Enterprise Crew runs into a being which once visited Earth, and influenced the Mayan Culture.  Mr. Bates is also known for the TV series, Isis and Porky's II.  He is a Native American and comes from the Kiowa tribe.  We also have, Hugo Nominated, David Gerrold who is credited for several Star Trek Episodes, this includes the most famous episode in the Star Trek franchise, (The Trouble with Tribbles).  Mr. Gerrold is also credited with many fantastic TV shows, (Sliders, Deep Space Nine,Babylon 5, Superboy, The Real Ghostbusters, Logan's Run, Land of the Lost, and more.  In addition, we have Mr. Joe Cepeda who  is the creator and producer of the Star Trek Fan Film Production –Natures Hunger. 

Additional guests are Brian Holloway who teaches theater and is the make-up supervisor for the Star Trek Fan Series New Voyages:Phase II.  Mr. Eric L. Watts Master of Ceremonies at the world famous Treklanta a sci-fi con that not only hosts the only Star Trek Fan Film Award show but is the biggest little con in the South.  It is well worth a visit or two.  We have Leslie E Owen, who is a literary agent, writer, editor, and teacher.  Leslie has been writing about Star Trek since 2014

In the light of the increasing amount of Trek news, topics will range from Rihanna, the Fifty-Year Mission; another enterprise ship has been placed in a museum, fan films, the message behind star trek, (cultural and economic changes in star trek from yesterday to today), plus more.

Other notable guests in this monthly series will include, George Gonzalez, Russell Bates, Kyle Sullivan, Leslie Owen, Michele Specht, Plus More! Subscribe to this event, this feed will expand up to the show. IF you are a Star Trek fan film creator, we would love to have you as part of the show, all are welcomed.

The re-broadcast are on Saturday's.

Turkish Star Trek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc3CfHfNmXg

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