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Voted one of the most popular film podcasts for three years in a row on Podbean!

With nearly 1,000,000 listens NYC Radio has been one of the most popular film podcasts on Podbean! From the creators on the Amazon Prime Documentary VHS Massacre…

January 18, 2018

New York Cinema Radio has dedicated the last 6 years to not only promoting independent film crowd sourcing but drawing attention to underrepresented independent films and filmmakers! We've also created a feature length, award winning documentary entitled VHS Massacre about the decline of physical media. It is now available through  Amazon Prime !  With  Ken Powell, Dave Leute, James Richardson and Thomas Edward Seymour. Fans of Indie films like London Betty, Mark of Beast or  the Web-Emmy nominated net_work may be familiar with Tom Seymour's work! Also check out James Richardson's website!

“A Really Fantastic Documentary!”

-Ain’t it Cool News